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Power BI Course | Desktop & Online Advanced + DAX – English

  • trainings duur 2 days
  • trainings prijs1195,- excl. VAT per participant
  • max aantal deelnemers Max 10 participants
  • Including teaching material
  • Classroom training
  • Including certificate
  • Including catering
  • Unique aftercare

Power BI Course | Desktop & Online Advanced + DAX – English

Power BI  Course Advanced in English

The Power BI Desktop and Online Advanced + DAX training is a two-day practice-oriented course in which we elaborate on the use of Power BI Desktop. Among other things, we pay attention to the proper design of a model and choices for column calculations or measurements. Working with DAX functions is lifted to a higher level and we will work out the extra visualisations further in the training.

Get your PE points immediately

12 PE punten - power bi cursus

The Power BI Desktop and Online Advanced + DAX training of SignOn ICT Training + is accredited by the Royal Dutch Professional Association of Accountants (NBA). The training is good for 12 PE points/PE hours.

For whom?

This training is useful for:

  • Users who have to combine and consult various data collections
  • Users who want to visualize data outside of Excel
  • Users who have to share data visualization and overviews online
  • Users who want to learn how to edit larger data collections
  • Users who want to know more about DAX functions, such as:
    • Filter functions
    • Information functions
    • Logical functions
    • Statistical functions
    • Mathematical and trigonometric functions
    • Text functions
    • Functions for Time Intelligence Measurement
    • And much more……..
  • Controllers who will make Forecasting models


You have knowledge of Excel Advanced and Power BI Desktop and Online Level I. If you have not followed Level I or have not followed Excel Advanced, enter the knowledge test here and determine your starting level immediately.

Language of the training

The standard working language during the training is English. We can provide customized company training in Dutch or English. The software can be in Dutch or English.


You have a choice of different training forms: individual training, in-company training and open registration. The starting level of the participant (s) and the needs of the employee and your organization are central.

  • Individual
    An individual 1-on-1 course offers the ultimate in flexibility. At your own workplace you will learn the intricacies of the software under the guidance of an experienced teacher. The learning objectives are set in advance. That way you can be sure of an optimum result.
  • In-company customization
    Our in-company Power BI courses are specifically tailored to your company or organization. The experienced trainer(s) only treat what is relevant to your work situation. That makes our customized training courses very effective.
  • Open enrollment
    We provide courses with open enrollment on fixed dates at our modern course locations in Amsterdam and Utrecht. Employees from different companies are present during this classroom training. As a result, you can participate from 1 person, and still benefit from an attractive group rate. Fully catered for, including an extensive lunch.

Exclusive aftercare

Do you run into questions after a training, during your daily work with Power BI? Then you can contact your Power BI trainer via support@signon.nl. You will receive an answer almost immediately with additional explanation; by telephone or e-mail. This unique aftercare service is exclusively for participants of our training courses.

Want to know more?

Do you have questions or want more information? Feel free to contact us via info@signon.nl, call us on 020-820 83 62 or use the contact form.

3336 x 1105


Course Content Power BI Advanced

We offer this training in both Dutch and English.
During this course we will take a closer look to the more advanced features of Power BI.
It focusses on creating good data models, using DAX to create advanced measures and calculations and create more advanced visualizations.


  • Short Review of needed knowledge
  • Setting up a data model in a PBIX file
  • Creating a Date table
  • Creating measurements tables
  • Advanced Dax
  • The CALCULATE function with various combinations
  • Relationships and relationship measures
    • Passive or inactive relationships
    • Many to many relationships
    • Creating calculations over  relationships
  • Variables in DAX
  • Use the what if parameter in reports
  • Setting up dynamic titles using VALUES, CONCATENATEX, SELECTEDVALUES
  • Targets vs. Actuals (month)vs (day)
  • Report Design:
    • Slicers
    • Themes
    • Drill through pages
    • Bookmarks
    • Renewed analysis
  • Making and using theme’s
  • Parameters in Power Query
  • Most used DAX functions
  • Various commonly used time intelligence functions
  • Cumulative columns
  • Various additional visualizations and additions on newer versions
  • Sparklines, Gantt diagram, bookmarks, 3D drills
  • Histograms
  • Forecasting with Power BI
  • Table functions in Power BI
  • Pareto analysis
  • Forecasting extended

Teaching material

SignOn always provides all participants with the comprehensive current Power BI course material. As a result, you also have a handy reference work after the training.

Official certificate

After the training you will receive the official Power BI Desktop Advanced certificate from SignOn.

Choose a start date: Power BI Course | Desktop & Online Advanced + DAX – English

Start Location
Start date: Do. 15-10-2020
in: Amsterdam
sign up
Days and times:
  • do. 15 oktober 2020 09:00 - 16:00
  • do. 22 oktober 2020 09:00 - 16:00
Location: Aristo Amsterdam (Aristo Amsterdam)
Teleportboulevard 100
1043 EJ Amsterdam


Cost of the course Power BI Desktop and Online Advanced + DAX

The training costs € 1195,- per participant. This includes all current teaching materials, a reference work (pdf) and the official SignOn certificate. Moreover, course participants who have followed a training course with us can make use of our exclusive aftercare service. So, there are no additional costs afterwards. The price of the training does not include 21% VAT. The VAT number is stated on the invoice.

Good to know


The government stimulates knowledge and skills in the Netherlands. That is why SignOn’s courses are (partially) tax deductible. How much you can deduct depends on your situation. Do you want to know more? Check the website of the Tax Authorities.


As an employer you can deduct the full training costs for employees as operating costs. This applies to the training itself, but also to other costs such as books, registration fees, administration costs, the certificate or extra supervision. At SignOn all these costs are already included in the price.


If you follow a course at your own expense, it is often deductible for income tax purposes. This way, continuing to study is affordable. The education or course must be relevant to your current or future work. If you spend more than € 250 on mandatory costs for a relevant course or course, you can deduct a maximum of € 15.000. Check the website of the Tax Authorities.

Want to know more?

Do you have questions or want more information? Feel free to contact us via info@signon.nl or call us on 020 – 820 83 62.


SignOn is specialized in customized trainings. We can change the content for the training to your wishes. You"ll get an practice-oriented customized training. See this page for more information about our incompany trainings. Inform without obligation.

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When taking a training you give children in South Africa a chance to learn. For every enrollment we donate € 2,50 per participant to Run4Schools.

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