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Power BI Advanced (English)

  • trainings duur 2 days
  • trainings prijs
    Per student: 1.095,00 excl. VAT
  • max aantal deelnemers Max 10 students
  • Classroom training
  • Online training
  • In-company
  • Exclusive aftercare
  • Blended Learning

Power BI Advanced (English)

  • Per deelnemer: € 1.095,00 excl. VAT
  • trainings duur 2 days
  • max aantal deelnemers Max 10 students
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  • Microsoft Partner – Silver Data Analytics

    SignOn has the status Microsoft Partner – Silver Data Analytics and thus demonstrates that the knowledge, skills and performance are of a high level. We show that we are fully aware of the latest techniques in Microsoft Power BI and Big Data.

  • Microsoft Certified Trainers

    Our Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCT) are experts in their field and are certified according to Microsoft’s terms and conditions. In addition to providing training, they also work in projects and know daily practice like no other. As a result, they know what students have to deal with and encounter daily. They use their practical experience to enrich the theory in the classroom.

  • Cedeo Recognition: What Does It Mean for You?

    Cedeo is a household name when it comes to education. There are approximately 300 Cedeo-recognized institutes in the Netherlands. By choosing a Cedeo-approved supplier, you can therefore be sure that you are choosing one of the better education institutes.

  • SignOn and the UWV

    SignOn ICT Training+ is a recognized training partner of the UWV. SignOn ICT Training+ is one of the few ICT educational organizations recognized by the UWV to provide training to help people return to the labor process.

Power BI Advanced Course in English

The Power BI Advanced training course is a 2-days practice-oriented course in which we elaborate on the use of Power BI Desktop and is the follow-up to the Power BI Basics Course. Among other things, we pay attention to the proper design of a model and choices for column calculations or measurements. DAX is a formula language with which you can perform all kinds of calculations with your data in Microsoft Power BI. The language is comparable, sometimes even identical, to Excel formulas. But with DAX even more is possible and the usage is a bit more complex. Working with DAX functions is lifted to a higher level, and we will work out the extra visualizations further in the training.

Skills gained

During the 2-day course Power BI Advanced you will receive, in addition to many exercises, various practical examples to work with. This allows you to use the advanced components of Power BI after following this course, such as DAX.

Who should attend to this Power BI training course?

  • Users who have to combine and consult various data collections
  • Users who want to visualize data outside of Excel
  • Users who have to share data visualization and overviews online
  • Users who want to learn how to edit larger data collections
  • Users who want to know more about DAX functions, such as:
    • Filter functions
    • Information functions
    • Logical functions
    • Statistical functions
    • Mathematical and trigonometric functions
    • Text functions
    • Functions for Time Intelligence Measurement
    • And much more……..
  • Controllers who will make Forecasting models


You have knowledge of Excel Advanced and Power BI Desktop and Online. If you have not followed Power BI Basics Course (in English) or have not followed Excel Advanced training, enter the knowledge test here and determine your starting level immediately.

Are you unsure whether this training suits your knowledge and skills? Then contact us for advice or call us on 020-820 83 62.

Blended Learning at SignOn

The ‘classroom live’ and ‘virtual classroom’ Power BI course is supported by the digital SignOn Learning Environment with an introduction video, up-to-date course materials, various exercises and a handy Power BI installation document so you can briefly prepare your training. At SignOn, learning does not stop after attending this two-day training course. You can ask questions to our trainers for one year and get access to the learning portal for one year with additional exercises, useful tips & tricks, monthly update videos on the latest Power BI features and an invitation to a free webinar.

Skills gained

  • Context
  • Set up a repetition of a data model and create a date table
  • Tables for measurements
  • Calculation function: DAX’s Swiss army knife
  • Using passive (inactive) relationships
  • Understanding extended relationships, many to many, cardinality (Cardinality)
  • Use of variable in DAX
  • Help or Send Tables
  • What If Parameters [What If]
  • Top 10 DAX functions used
  • Dynamic titles
  • Targets (month) vs Actuals (day)
  • Renewed Items
  • Templates
  • Parameters
  • Cumulative Columns (running total)
  • Extra Visualizations and additions new versions
  • Histogram
  • Forecasting models (Forecast)
  • Dax Advanced: Extra Column Functions
  • Dax Advanced: Extra Time Intelligence Measurements
  • DAX Advanced (Advanced)
  • Additional DAX functions
  • Extra Parts


The standard language during the course is English. In-company tailor-made training is also given in other languages. This basic training is also given in Dutch, see Power BI Basic course in Dutch.


SignOn always provides all participants with the comprehensive current Power BI course material. As a result, you also have a handy reference work after the training.


After the training you will receive a certificate.

Follow-up course

Do you want to follow a follow-up course after this Power BI Fundamentals course? Then the Power BI Expert Course (in English) course is highly recommended.

Course outline – Power BI Advanced (English)

During this 2-days Power BI Advanced course we will take a closer look to the more advanced features of Power BI. It focusses on creating good data models, using DAX to create advanced measures and calculations and create more advanced visualizations.


Context is an important part for use of the correct DAX functions.

Explanation about various types of context

  • Driving context
  • Selection context
  • Filter context

Data modeling

  • Set up a good data model
  • Use DAX Studio (Basic)
  • Making a date table in DAX vs. Power Query
  • Other table functions such as filter & AddColumns
  • When do you use a measuring table?
  • How do you set a measuring table?
  • Use DisplayFolders
  • Difference between measurements and calculated columns
  • When do you use Dax and when Power Query
  • When an implicit or explicit measurement?
  • Formating measurements
  • Documentation of measurements

Calculation function: Dax swiss pocket knife

  • Extensive use of calculating in combination with other filters
  • Calculate with OR & AND.
  • Calculate with various filters options
  • Calculate with all-selected function
  • Calculate with all calcification function
  • Calculate with Values function

Influence relationships with DAX

  • UserElatationShip function
  • Cross filter functions

Parameters in Power Query

  • Making dynamic parameter
  • Use dynamic parameter
  • Use parameters in a template file

Parameters in DAX

  • Create & use Dax parameters

Cumulative column functions

  • Cumulative columns via calculate, filter and max
  • Counting and cumulative columns via Rankx, filter and earlier
  • Use topn function

Time Intelligence functions

  • Create YTD / MTD functions
  • Compare periods (YOY / MOM ETC)
  • Apply Isinscope & Hasonvalue
  • Calculate continuous averages

Report Design

  • Use bookmarks
  • Add buttons and navigation
  • Theme design
  • Use tool tips
  • Make Drill-Through pages
  • Row Level Security Apply
Start dates Location
Start date: 17 Nov 2023 till 24 Nov 2023
Show timetable
Utrecht Language: EN Register
Days and times:
  • Fr 17 Nov 2023 09:00 - 16:00
  • Fr 24 Nov 2023 09:00 - 16:00
Location: Brennerbaan 150
3524 BN Utrecht
Start date: 06 Mar 2024 till 13 Mar 2024
Show timetable
Online via Microsoft Teams / Taal: EN Register
Days and times:
  • We 06 Mar 2024 09:00 - 16:00
  • We 13 Mar 2024 09:00 - 16:00
Location: Via Microsoft Teams / Taal: EN
Online via Microsoft Teams / Taal: EN
Start date: 07 Jun 2024 till 14 Jun 2024
Show timetable
Online via Microsoft Teams / Taal: EN Register
Days and times:
  • Fr 07 Jun 2024 09:00 - 16:00
  • Fr 14 Jun 2024 09:00 - 16:00
Location: Via Microsoft Teams / Taal: EN
Online via Microsoft Teams / Taal: EN
Start date: 18 Sep 2024 till 25 Sep 2024
Show timetable
Online via Microsoft Teams / Taal: EN Register
Days and times:
  • We 18 Sep 2024 09:00 - 16:00
  • We 25 Sep 2024 09:00 - 16:00
Location: Via Microsoft Teams / Taal: EN
Online via Microsoft Teams / Taal: EN
Start date: 13 Dec 2024 till 20 Dec 2024
Show timetable
Online via Microsoft Teams / Taal: EN Register
Days and times:
  • Fr 13 Dec 2024 09:00 - 16:00
  • Fr 20 Dec 2024 09:00 - 16:00
Location: Via Microsoft Teams / Taal: EN
Online via Microsoft Teams / Taal: EN

Price of the course Power BI Advanced (English)

Price per participant  € 1.095,00 excl. VAT
Max. participants: 10

No additional costs

The mentioned course rates are per person, excluding 21% VAT (VAT number is stated on the invoice), including all current teaching materials, a reference work (PDF) and a certificate of participation. So there are no additional costs afterwards.

In-company group rate

If you register with a group of five or more people for a course at the company location (in-company), we can offer an attractive group rate. For information about our group rates, contact us and request a quote or call 020 – 820 83 62.

Good to know

The government stimulates knowledge and skills in the Netherlands. That is why SignOn’s courses are (partially) tax-deductible. How much you can deduct depends on your situation. Do you want to know more? Check the website of the Tax Authorities.

As an employer you can deduct the full training costs for employees as operating costs. This applies to the training itself, but also to other costs such as books, registration fees, administrative costs, the certificate or extra supervision. At SignOn all these costs are already included in the price.


Because we are CEDEO certified you can apply for a STAP budget of up to €1,000 per person per year. This can be used for courses, trainings and schooling. More information.


Want to know more?

Do you have any questions or would you like more information? Feel free to contact us via [email protected] or call 020 – 820 83 62.

Delivery formats

Choose a delivery format that suits you best. The following delivery formats are available for this course:

  • Classroom live

    A face-to-face training on a location in the Netherlands. Employees from different companies are present during this classroom training. Fully catered for, including an extensive lunch.

  • Virtual classroom

    Attend a the virtual classroom course from any location (workplace or home). You learn from a live instructor and are in contact with other participants. The instructor has the possibility to look at your screen (if necessary) to answer all your questions. This training will take place via Microsoft Teams (free of use).

  • In-company course

    Our in-company training is tailored to your company. The specialized trainer only deals with what is important for your company and work situation. That makes our tailor-made training very effective. We provide these training courses in Dutch, English and German. The choice for an in-company training provides an attractive discount. Depending on the number of participants, the discount can be as much as 50% compared to participation in an open training. More information or request a quote.

  • 10

    Ik ben deze training gaan volgen om mijn basiskennis uit te diepen en kennisnemen van nieuwe features BI en efficiënter rapporten te structureren. De training is inhoudelijk zeer goed met veel bruikbare tips die ik gelijk kan toepassen op bestaande rapporten.

    - Emmy van der Hout
  • 8

    Goede cursus om DAX beter te begrijpen en te gebruiken. Oefenmateriaal met uitwerkingen en uitleg van trainer was goed. Basiskennis is een vereiste aangezien tempo vrij rap is. Locatie was centraal en goed bereikbaar.

    - Verdi Tektas
  • 9

    Heel prettige cursus. Training verzorgd door Freddy Spit. Heel kundig. Duidelijke uitleg. Goed materiaal. Wij zaten met twee cursisten in de training, dus alle ruimte voor vragen en persoonlijke aandacht.

    - Edwin Somers
  • 10

    Ik heb deze training gekozen om basis skills op te doen i.v.m. een migratie van een andere reporting omgeving naar PowerBi. Deze training heeft absoluut aan mijn verwachtingen voldaan en zowel trainer als cursus krijgen een dikke 10!

    - Marcel Prins
  • 10

    Mijn leerdoel voor deze Power BI Advanced training was het beter leren gebruiken van de DAX-formules en het betere en correcter berekenen van data. Ik had de basic opleiding gevolgd en die was ook zeer goed. SignOn heeft zeker en vast waargemaakt wat ik zocht, ik beveel deze training aan!

    - Stijn
  • 10

    Mijn leerdoel was verdere verbreding kennis van PowerBI. Ervaring opdoen met formules voor standaard oplossingen en alternatieve manieren via DAX. De training heeft aan mijn verwachtingen voldaan en ik heb zelfs beter leren begrijpen hoe data correct te verwerken voor database doeleinden. De trainer was heel enthousiasten heeft ook geprobeerd zoveel mogelijk stukken tijdens de les te koppelen aan ons dagelijkse werk.

    - Johan
  • 9

    Mijn leerdoel was om de kleine foutjes die ik nu nog maakte in de praktijk eruit te halen en daar oplossingen voor te leren. Ook om het gebruik van DAX naar een hoger niveau te tillen. De trainer was erg fijn en legde alles goed uit. Inhoud gaat dieper in op de stof. Locatie was ook prettig om naar toe te reizen en te verblijven tijdens de training. 

    - Anoniem
  • 9

    Mijn leerdoel voor deze Power BI Advanced training was Hoe om te gaan met formules etc. Ik heb ook de basis training gevolgd en dat beviel erg goed. Vandaar ook het vervolg. SignOn heeft zeker waargemaakt wat ik zocht, ik beveel deze training aan.

    - Anoniem
  • 10

    Mijn leerdoel voor deze Power BI Advanced training was Kennis van Power BI verder vergroten en er slimmer mee leren werken. SignOn heeft zeker waargemaakt wat ik zocht, ik beveel deze training aan.

    - Tim
  • 9

    Mijn leerdoel was beter begrip van DAX en de logica erachter verkrijgen. Beter begrijpen in welke hoek de oplossing gezocht moet worden op het moment dat de standaard formules en “snelle metingen” niet de gewenste oplossing bieden. SignOn heeft waargemaakt wat ik zocht, ik beveel deze training aan.

    - Menno
  • 9

    Ik heb deze training gevolgd als vervolg op de vorige les met als doel om meer gebruik van DAX te gaan maken en handige formules te leren om de maandcijfers te vergelijken, tooltips en opmaak. Ik beveel deze training aan.

    - Nadia
  • 10

    Mijn werkzaamheden bestaan uit het maken van reports en dashboards. Om deze zo goed mogelijk te maken, wilde ik graag extra kennis opdoen. Dat heb ik bij deze training gedaan!. De training was qua niveau hoger dan wat ik tot nu toe kan, maar goed te volgen. Precies wat ik had gehoopt. Communicatie was tevens helder en goed gestructureerd. Ik heb ontzettend veel geleerd. Freddie is een super trainer! Hij nam de tijd voor vragen en legde alles rustig uit.

    - Sanne

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